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Almaglass S.R.L.



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Almaglass was founded in 2004 as a limited liability company and as an answer to the growing need for upgrading the performance of windows by using a superior insulating glass unit, with the correct technical parameters, required by the mounting destination.

In the manufacturing process, Almaglass is using precision machinery both in the cutting of glass sheets phase and also in the sealing of ig units phase, the result being not only an ig built from quality components but one that is also produced technically correct.

In 2008, the production unit is extended in order to incorporate additional glass processing machinery and so be able to satisfy our customers demand for more processed glass.

In 2010, the integrated software is updated for better optimization and capacity planning and as a consequence better delivery times, taking to account the complexity of today orders.

At present, Almaglass is able to deliver a variety of additional glass processing services like cutouts, drilling, edge work, sand blasting, chemical treatment, painting, tempering, gas filling or pressure balance.

Our goal is to offer the right glass for each house but also for large building facades or interior design.

For more technical details, please get in touch with us using the data published in our contact page.