| Technology

Almaglass is a business company specialized in glass processing and insulating glass units production, using Lisec technology for automated cutting and sealing of glass sheets and Bavelloni/Glaston respectively for additional processing like cutouts, drilling, edge work or tempering.

The production unit spans an area of about 4000 sqm and it is located in an industrial zone of the city of Constanta.

| Certification

Almaglass is TÜV Rheinland certified both for building ig units in accordance with the standard specifications SR EN 1279 and also for the tempering process, in accordance with the standard specifications SR EN 12150-1/1288-3.

| Product

An ig unit built by Almaglass can have up to 3 sheets of glass with dimensions up to 2500 x 3500 mm and a total thickness of up to 52 mm.

The glass sheets can have an individual thickness of up to 12 mm and are produced by SGG (Saint-Gobain Glass) or AGC (Asahi Glass Company). The variety of glass sheets can be typically classified in just a few groups like clear float, special, laminated, colored, reflective or decorative glass. For more details about our glass sheets, please click here.

The frame of our ig units is usually built from (bendable) aluminum but a new special Swissspacer material (with insulating properties) can be used optionally. The chambers of the ig can also be filled with gas (argon) in a more than 90% concentration and the sealants used in our ig units are produced by IGK (Isolierglasklebstoffe).

The glass sheets or the ig unit itself can be further processed with additional processes like sand blasting, painting, drilling, tempering, pressure balance and so on. For more details about our standard processes, click here.